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  • Hello, my father was diagnosed at age 70 last July with MS. Since December, he is declining at a more progressive rate and his most recent MRI scans currently showed "no change," or "active MS" (despite his decline)and this current Neurologist has indicated these are not typical MS symptoms and he is stumped. He has not been diagnosed with ALS, although he has many symptoms that seem to almost mimic ALS and the last neurologist referred him to a Neuromuscular Doctor based on his symptoms. He has an appointment scheduled with a Neuromuscular Doctor for both an exam and emg at this appointment.

    So, 2 questions, has anyone had both MS and ALS?

    Also, are the EMG results analyzed by doctor on the spot and is it common for the doctor to speculate on a probable diagnosis at this appointment and order more testing based on the findings? Trying to prepare myself as much as possible for the appointment. Thank you for your guidance.
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