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    Hi everyone, well I went and had my Nerve Conduction tests and EMG today. The girl doing the NVC test said it was all fine and the Neuro done them EMG he didn't say much to me about it but I seen him nod to his assistant and then he went (there was general chit chat in between) I asked her what...
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    Hi, I was going to post on my original thread but its closed. Well I got into see the Neuro 3 weeks ago, he done some testing confirmed that my right side is atrophying not just in the calf muscle but also my right arm is 1 and half cms smaller than my left and also the muscles in the right side...
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    Please if anyone can help me with their opinion

    Hi, I haven’t had a diagnosis of anything yet, but ALS or some form od MND has been briefly thrown up by my GP so while I am awaiting my neuro app I thought I might post my story and see if anyone on here has any ideas. About 12 months ago I rolled my right ankle while walking, it was okay...