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  • I had a skin biopsy done that revealed the probable cause of my fasciculations and cramps as small fiber neuropathy. A skin biopsy is relatively painless and inexpensive to have done. My tests results took 4 weeks to come back. Now the trick is to find out what is causing the small fiber neuropathy.
    I have been experiencing some concerning symptoms for the past 6 days.
    I have muscle twitching which doesn't concern me to much but I am experiencing wide spread cramps thighs, torso and chest when I'm not even moving.
    My right calf seems to be tightning and cramping constantly.
    I'm hoping it may be something to do with the mirtazapine medication I am currently taking. I cant say I have noticed any weakness anywhere. I can live with the twitching but the cramps and the constant pulling and cramping in my right calf is worrying me to death..I'm not jumping to conclusions but any help would be appreciated.
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