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  • I had a emg done yesterday at a clinic near me. My emg showed something but she wasn't sure if there was a problem or not. She told me she was still learning. She gave me a name of a doctor at Penn U who is suppose to be good at figuring out neuromuscular diseases, Dr Brown. I am seeing someone in the same office for now but will consider traveling if need be. I know this is a hard time for you, hang in there.
    Dang - tried to reply to your forum question re Diagnoses but for some reason it went off to mod land. . The EMG was the clincher in my case. This, and two neuro exams and my symptoms = ALS. In fact, saw the neuro today - first time since Dx Day- my first question of course (wishing & hoping) "was there a mistake?" Sadly no mistake. I wish you luck.
    So sorry you're going through this. Have you tried to get a 2nd opinion? You know, there are many many other conditions out there which resemble ALS - but which are thankfully treatable. Get yourself a second opinion - even if you have to pay for it - dollars well spent. Hang in there!
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