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  • OK, I am a computer dummie and trying to get into this forum. I posted a few questions and have not heard back so I think I am doing something wrong. My husband has been diagnosed and neurologist wants him to go to John Hopkings--been waiting on his office for a month and just found out they do not take his insurance....not sure what to do..wait on doctor...try to go to UVA. I have a 15 yr old daughter that we need to tell her what is going on but wanted to wait to be sure...although I am pretty sure. What about genetic testing????
    This is Jayhawker, I posted a message on July 1, 2012. I am just wondering if anyone is seeing it? As I have not received any responses, and it is kinda upsetting. If you are seeing this post could you just let me know this is working correctly. Thanks :)
    Hi...I just registered on this site. My husband was diagnosed a month ago. Neurologist told us to get second opinion at John Hopkins just to be sure. Hopkins does not take our insurance so now after a month has gone by, his office called and said call Univ of Virginia and make an appointment. I have two questions......what do we gain by going for a second opinion--he already has symptoms. Second, we have a 15 yr old daughter and have not told her yet but need to do very soon. She is not stupid and knows something is wrong. Now, I am also worried that she might have the gene to inherit this disease. Any help would be appreciated.
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