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  • Hi Becca,
    Haven't been on in a long while. It's hard to come back here even though it was such great support while my pals was alive. I do hope you're hanging in. My energy is just beginning to come back to what it was two years on. You had it so much harder than me.....how are you doing now?
    M.!.A. Becca, where are you, you need to check 1n once 1n awa1le your fr1ends are worr1ed here???Are you ok, do we need to come there ?? We m1ss you:(
    Just checking in on you. I haven't been on much, but I do try to read. 2 weeks is a long time. Please let someone know you're doing okay.
    Sending prayers,
    Hi Becca,
    I read some of your posts and am so sorry to hear about all the crap your in-law's have been giving you. If your sister-in-law or whoever threatens you on facebook print a copy of it and get a restraining order on them. You are doing a great job being a parent on your own from what I read. Tell the other deadbeats to stay the H---- out of your life. Be happy! That is what you'd husband would want. Hugs, Kim
    I wanted to let you know that I am Kimberly/momofsixkids60. Because of family problems of my own, I had to change my identity to be able to stay on. I just wanted to let you know. Family sucks, you all are my real family
    Love to you,
    Well, just gone back to find it locked. I'm so sorry Becca. Please pm me if you feel you can't put yourself out there again. I thank you for having been so honest with us. It has helped me feel less alone. I think you are great to be getting up in the morning and looking after your little ones. How could anything make sense any more after what you have lived. Love you.
    Hi there Becca-you're right. This is a place for us to vent. Where else have we got. I didn't reply to your post cause I didn't know what to say. So maybe I will go back and say that. Please don't go away. Not all of us get counselling. We just keep on trying to make sense of it by unloading the thoughts and feelings. Sending love xx
    Yes I know. I am worse now than I was just after her death. I guess they mean a LOT of time! The feelings are often so strong and so unwelcome that I just want to run. I read your posts and think that losing the love of your life like that must be like having your very self shattered and sundered.

    So we have a new spot on the site. The name might not be most apt. David is open to changing it. So if you think of a name do let me know. At the moment it's called past or former cals, something like that. It's under the support for cals section.

    Love you girl. You are an amazing woman.
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