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    Help Please

    Yes, I have heard of eye drops that dry you upy
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    Help Please

    Since I got trached I feel like my mouth is foam ,I was prescribed patches that made me throw up,any ideas? Janie H
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    Newly Diagnosed (Bulbar Onset)

    I have had bulbar onset for three years,keep fighting,don't give up
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    My darling is in ICU

    Nothing worse than being in the hospital and not being able to comuciate,I am fighting pneumonia myself,cough assist is my best friend,prayers for you and him. Janie
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    Thanks guys, I miss being here but my eyes don't work well,have a hard time reading long posts, the pneumonia is getting better, I just have to cough it up,tiring. Janie
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    He said it came out wrong like you said,he has been cleaning house all day,he said he was going to prove he loves me. Thanks guys Janie
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    I haven't been here in a while so many of you may not know me. My son and caregiver told me last night not to worry about saying goodbye to everyone,that when my time comes just go, he doesn't want me to linger on. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I have been fighting pneumonia and can't...
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    Me too

    Prayers for you.
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    Thanks for thinking of me Janelle, I took a tumble this week but I am fine, tell everyone that I...

    Thanks for thinking of me Janelle, I took a tumble this week but I am fine, tell everyone that I pray for them daily, when I try to read small print my eyes get locked .
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    Eye Lock

    i am having trouble reading, my eyes get stuck on one word and won't move until I cover my eyes and start all over, I love you guys but like Dalvin I won't be here much. Janie
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    husband just diagonosed and terrified

    Prayers for you, Nikki is right about riluzole and Tillie is right about the shock of it all, the side effects will go away over time, you will get used to it all, ALS is fast tracked as far as social security, apply for everything that you can. I'm waiting the hour to eat after taking my riluzole
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    New Here and Needing Help!

    I have bulbar, trilogy, cough assist and suction is what I use, get the PEG asap,you may not need it now but best to get it before you need it. Janie
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    texastracy update

    Prayers for Tracy, breathing is serious business? Janie
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    Hello All!

    Welcome TC, glad to get good news on Tracy. Janie
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    Update on Max

    Thanks Tillie!
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