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  • You Are welcome=)
    A person can be the "voice of reason", meaning that in a crazy situation or where people are doing dumb things but no one realises it's crazy or won't say/admit that it's crazy, that person knows better and says "Hang on, what the **** is this? What SHOULD happen is ..."
    lol this sums it up!
    Not yet. Cloudy here but warm so can't complain. Using my phone to connect so limited but still checking in ;) hang in there... It's almost June
    Jodi, are you back from Hawaii? How was or is it? Lots of sun and warm beaches I bet a lot nicer than Alberta spring snowstorms! We have missed you here!
    Jodi, would you take a look at our World HOWL at the Moon in the event thread? I wonder if we could some how use this to create a movement of awareness...hugs and I still want to clone you! :]
    thank you for the add on facebook :) :) and thanks for posting my other website link as well!! i hope i can help lots more people :) im still figuring out this site it's really great!! xo
    I see or talk to the hopsice counsellors as often as I can. For whatever reason this last two weeks have been especially hard and I am not sure why. I have a daughter at home going to University and I have to work full time so I am trying to prepare for life after.... I have a what I call... my "escape plan" so I am not sitting in the house staring at the walls... and intend to take a month off work and get away. I have some great friends and we plan on going away together. thank you for your thoughts and prayers
    I have learnt that you just keep on .. no matter what..... when you think there is no strength left you find some....... He has such little time.
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