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  • Thanks for reaching out Jamight,
    So.even things we have found so far are that I have stenosis in my services and lumbar sections plus 2 herniated and 2 bulging disks. They show up in the emg and I also have brisk reflexes. But they have been the same since I started with all of this a few years ago. At the present moment I am scheduled for another emg tomorrow as I'm feeling a lot of pain, pins and needles, muscle twitching, and burning in legs. So yea alot going on and it's driving me crazy. Plus not to mention me andown my wife going through a divorce due to my change as,a person since all of this started.
    I started having muscle spasms in Left calf 2 months ago, now they are everywhere. before this, I randomly noticed them on my tongue (while resting) and never thought anything if it, until they were widespread. My thighs, butt, feet, thumb, lip. My symtoms are all over the place, I have an uneven palate. One side sags lower than other. My tongue looks devisted. My wrists are usually weak, can't tell if I'm just not strong, but my left is weaker. I can't hold things as long with my left hand than the right. I have dents in my hands, not sure if it's atrophy. I'm 26 y/o, Please let me know if any of my symtoms/photos are alarming. I don't have an emg scheduled for another month. The neurologist did say my babinski reflex was normal, she didn't take me very seriously because of my age.






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