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  • Jaloca, welcome to the forum family we have here, but sorry that you have to be here.

    I wanted to add to something when I read your posting about your Dad... there has been some news lately about the use of coconut oil helping to alleviate alzheimers symptoms. Not sure if it's really helpful or not, but it can't hurt. Look for the coconut oil thread here, I posted a link about it.

    Also, most PALS take different supplements that may... or may not help us. Creatine is one of the ones that I would recommend to help maintain strength. Just make sure if you go this route that he drinks plenty of water and buy the type with CreaPure® in it, some of the chinese cheaper versions have glutamate in it, and that's not good for PALS. Also look into Vit. D3, Indian Winter Berry (Ashwagandha). While none of these are cures, they do seem to be helpful.
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