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  • Hi Jacquie,
    Just dropped by to say Hello! How are you doing? My dad is staying about the same right now. He can still eat on his own and still talk. But, other then that he is dependent on someone else for all his other care. He can walk a few steps if he gets help getting up with his walker and someone holding on to his gait belt. He spends most of his time watching tv and movies on Netflix. Take care, Kim
    Hi Jacquie,
    Sorry to read that you are having a rough day. Hang in there! You are in my prayers. Kim
    Hi there. Your post to angela today struck a cord with me. I hope you do allow yourself to grieve instead of bottling it up. I'm the same as you, trying to stay strong on the outside, especially for my family. That's why I like the forum so much, it's a good place to let it all out!
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