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  • Jacob,
    We're aware that you're having a bad time getting a diagnosis. It appears that your symptoms are not typical of ALS so the amount of help this forum can provide is limited. Sadly, you've pretty much hit that limit.

    We do understand your frustration but it's beyond our ability to address it.

    Having said that we have to request that you cease messaging our members. Like you, they are dealing with health issues and have little time to spare.

    ALSForum Moderators
    Hi Jacob — I'm so dumb, I just posted my response to my own wall, LOL.

    Thanks so much for your message! It was super reassuring. Yeah, to be honest I've always been a hypochondriac but since these symptoms began last year I initially thought MS. But when I heard of ALS, and knowing it was significantly scarier, I guess my mind has clung to that option, just terrified that I have it.

    Thank you so much again! All the love, and feel free to keep in touch. :)
    JacobF, the visitor message you left me does not describe ALS. I could have written it when I was 32. It describes a man getting older.
    Hi Jacob
    If you were clear for weakness Hoffmann babinski etc from your clinical exam it's unlikely to be als. Perceived weakness exercise intolerance and burning muscle fatigue could be caused by lots of different things, systemic autoimmune etc....
    As you are still being troubled by your symptoms it's best to go back to your GP and get them to do further investigation.
    Good luck
    I think that twitching all over would point away from ALS vs one specific spot. I am not an expert by any means, but I have read hundreds of post and do work in the health field. The majority of people that develop ALS say it all started by a muscle not working anymore. There should be no confusion with this. If the nerve firing the muscle is no longer efficient that motion will never return at good as it once did. I feel the people on this website know their stuff. I know its hard not to freak out when our bodies are twitching and doing weird things they have never done before. Do remember its very rare 1 in 100,000 so odds are in your favor.
    Try not to worry to much. As you already know twitches are very common and can be bfs or anxiety related. Are you having any real weakness or hyper reflexes? All the research I have points to clinical weakness being the hallmark symptom.
    Very concerned because still twitching everywhere and can't get answers. Been 7 weeks so I guesss it worries me more because how short of time.
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