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  • Hello Everyone

    I want to share some VERY IMPORTANT NEWS with each of you, news that has the potential to prolong your lives, as it has mine. I was diagnosed with upper and lower Motor Neuron Disease and given, at most, 2 years to live. That diagnosis occurred in 1996…18 years ago. I’ve survived this long without feeding or breathing tubes, still able to walk reasonable distances with a walker, while maintaining substantial strength, with a high quality of life, BECAUSE I discovered an alternative method of treatments that I’ve been utilizing since 1997. I’ve written a book about my journey that highlights all I’ve directly experienced. It’s called “Will to Endure: Surviving Terminal Illness by Extraordinary Means, A Memoir” by John L’Esperance, available at Amazon.com. Take a look at my story and decide for yourself. It provides hope where hope is often lacking. I am LIVING proof that these treatments work. God bless each of you.
    Greetings all...as an als survivor now in my 18th year i've written a book that's just been published which describes the reasons contributing to my longevity. It's called "will to endure: Surviving terminal illness by extraordinary means - a memoir," by john l'esperance...available at amazon.com.
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