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  • Hope you doing Ok mate. My left tricep twitching is now constant, it has been for months now, back of my right hand is regular as well. i am in a real limbo right now,dont know what to do ,when twitching will stop, if it means anything,9 months and counting. Have you found any helpful info from your side? Keep Well and All the Best.
    Sure, i would love to keep in touch, i see you mentioned going back to weightlifting in one of your post, i have been heavy weightlifting for 23 years, i did weigh 18 stone at one point, i do lift really really heavy, i have lost a lot of weight due this twitching stress, i dont go to gym anymore which is stressful for me because, i dont drink alcohol and i dont smoke my only hobby is weightlifting.From your reasearch, how long can twitching go on before one can rule out ALS?
    Please please keep in touch.
    Best Wishes
    still twitching all over, a bit more intense now, i can induce my arm and thigh twitches by flexing the muscles and let go. Was it explained to you what that mildly reduced interefference mean in the context of symptoms? my joints click as well. i really dont know whats going Thanks.
    Take Care
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