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  • Thank you it's just hard because new symptoms keep arising last night my left side of throat killed when I swallowed or breathed out , today it's spasms and The other side hurts when spasms. Thankyou for reaching out to be I really appreciate it I hope all is well with you . God bless.
    Hello Itsimplymelc,

    I've read your posts. Relax! You have some problems, sure. But until you have an emg, you can't rely on any Google quiz for a diagnosis. Listen to the responses you have received on the board, and be patient until you have seen our specialist......and had an emg.

    That seems to be the truest test for a real diagnosis. And, I can tell you this; you don't want it to be als!!!
    If it is, however, life is not over. So take heart, and wait for the experts to find your problem(s).

    Hang tough,
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