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  • Hi I have been off the forums for a long time.I think we were beside each other at one of the Nanaimo meetings but when I turned to talk to you you were gone. Myerror, I should have ta;led to you first or said hold on 'cause I needed to catch someone else. Will you be at the walk/roll on Sunday? Don & I hope to be there. Hope you get this and I get back on in time to check. Will look for you. Don wears a Tilley hat and I usually have pillow breathers stuck up my nostrils. Hugs and remember happiness is a choice. I try to choose it every day.
    Hello there islandgirl. I'm another one. Living the retired life in Nanaimo. I've been diagnosed for about 2& a half years and am declining slowly.Drop me a message if you would like. I'm known on here as Flyby as buttterfly (my favorite) was taken. hugs Always good to have and to give.
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