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  • Oh Renee, I'm so sorry. I just discovered your message. Gosh, I have a hard time just getting back to the former cals group, and I never saw the message. I'm not on the forum that much, to be honest. But I will email. I understand. We were married 27 years. My email is [email protected].
    Hi Ises:
    I just read your post in past Caregivers. I don't always sign in, but I will read through posts and comment occasionally because you are right that Here is the place you will find the wisest of advice on how to deal with this.

    I am also from Michigan and my husband passed away Dec 31 2011 but his journey was a bit faster. He was feeling ill during the summer of 2011 and we could see a sudden loss of muscle but he wasn't diagnosed until Aug of 2011.

    Luckily I had "super" family members to help my daughter and I through those 5 months. But now, I am left with picking up the pieces after 28 yrs of marraige and starting over.

    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]... if you just want to talk.

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