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  • You can follow our family on our Facebook page called "Flex For Alex" I just posted a video about how to make your own healthy food for the PEG tube. Also if anyone is interested in buying a trailer for their power chair please contact me. We are selling ours.
    Hi Isaiah,no thankyou. I am totally spiritually topped up and at peace with the world but will pray for comfort for you. I am a Jehovah's witness ,this weekend we have a 2 day assembly . Normally I can only cope with attending one day but going to try both. I have a hard time with insomnia,started reading my bible from the beginning again (in genesis and reading about Isaac )it helps me to relax and then sleep.
    Hope today will be a good day for you. Take good care. caroline.
    Hi ,I have had pls/mnd for 15yrs,pls is not terminal as in als ,it is slower progressing.
    I don't do much these days but I used to do lots of things...embroidery,sewing,card making ect and I used to restore antique furniture plus I was a keen gardner.
    I was brought up a Christian ,still get to sunday service.
    Having a faith in god and his promises is what helps me get through life. His promise of a resurrection and paradise are what I keep forefront in my mind everyday ...having this faith certainly gives you peace and happiness. Take care,caroline.
    Hi welcome to the forum. I see you have made friends with our lovely phil. I too am a practicing baptised Christian. Are you in oklahoma ,love that film lol. Take care,caroline.
    hello! I read on a thread that you are raw vegan and I am thinking of doing this for my grandma. If you have any tips for me, please let me know as we are brand new to this.
    Hello Isaiah, I absolutely love how you find humor in his laugh. Sometimes i get self concious in public due to my limp, and my husband teases me about being a gangster that no one should mess with. It really does help a lot. Fortunately, i am a high spirited person and usually see something positive in every situation. I have slacked off on church and am looking to return soon. Do you have any suggestions since we are from the same area?
    Life is pretty shitty right now. We are nowhere near as far along as you guys. We are doing OK. Seems surreal. I am getting our ducks in a row. Checking out insurances and all that. Handicap stickers, etc. Hate paperwork. I need to think about getting a job and it's overwhelming. No idea how I will be able to do that, take care of the kids and him. But hoping to be able to do it for at least a short time. I have a great group of friends and amazing church family. It's just up to me to lean on them. Not always easy for me. How old are your kids? Ours are 8 and 9.
    Hello. What are your husbands symptoms now? How are you coping? We are doing good so far. My husband is walking with a cane, although is quite unstable. His issues are made worse by bad arthritis in one knee. We are mostly just bummed out now. Kids are unaware I think of much going on.
    Hello, all.
    My husband sounds funny when he laughs now. And we laugh together a lot. Seems like when he starts giggling about something we both start laughing at the way his laugh sounds and it just gets funnier! The other day at church we tried to sneak a kiss and his cheeks tightened up. He really has to focus to pucker up. We started laughing and laughing then we turned around and realized a friend of ours was in the room behind us and could see us kissing through the one sided window. he ended up rolling on the ground laughing. Funny moments. Remember to find joy in the little things. Hope you all find something to laugh about today. Stay positive!
    Hi! Annie (forum username Abbas child), my wife of 35 years had her first symptoms in late 2004. She was diagnosed in July 2007. She lived with her disease with a truly miraculous joy. Her attitude was the same as Paul's in 2 Cor 5:6-8, "Therefore, being always of good courage, and knowing that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord— or we walk by faith, not by sight— we are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord."

    Annie departed this world sublimely peacefully in Dec 2011 to be at home with the Lord. Through her ordeal, the Lord has given me an enduring empathy for anyone afflicted by this type of disease.
    Welcome! I just noticed that you had recently joined the forum and I really appreciate your username and stated interest. I pray an abundance of the Lord's grace and peace for both you and your PALS.
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