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  • I don't actually have ALS, but I went through a rough time the last few months thinking I did. I had widespread twitching, still do, weakness/heaviness in my arms and convinced myself I had it. From the posts I have read, the majority of cases happen so sudden - if it starts in the legs, people may fall, have foot drop, etc....in the arms, you may drop things and lose the ability to grip. there are thousands of other conditions that cause this, but ALS is magnified because of the attention the ice bucket challenge has brought to it.

    I ended up getting an EMG test that came back normal with no signs of motor neuron issues. An MRI showed a good amount of neck arthritis in parts of my cervical spine, which are causing cervical nerve issues. The cervical nerve that is affected for me deals with the neck, upper back and upper arms, so it makes sense.

    I am 27, still a very young age to get something such as ALS, but at 17 I wouldn't even think the odds are .000000000001%.
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