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    Are improvements possible with ALS?

    Did you ask your doctor about Parkinsons Disease?
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    ALS or Benzo Withdrawal?

    I'm going through something similar after years of being on Klonopin
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    most disgusting end of a disgusting life?

    Ciao Mulino. Mi dispiace tu hai troppi sintomi--anch'io. I'm not italian ma studio la lingua. Mi piace molto. :) I've had so many crazy things happen with my body too, and bad luck my whole life. I just wanted to lend my support and let you know you can contact me if you want.
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    eyes burn

    You can try a product called Tears Naturale (or Tears Naturale 2). I have the same problem with dry eyes for years off and on. I take it with me everywhere and it simply moisturizes your eyes, unlike Visine which I believe are medicated drops. You can buy them at local pharmacies. There are...
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    deanna protocol scam

    I do not have ALS but I wanted to say something about the Deanna Protocol. I watched the video and understand that Deanna's father has given up his practice as a surgeon to study ALS, hoping to find a cure for his daughter. She has had this disease, correct me if I'm wrong, for at least 5 years...
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    Jaw twitches?

    Yes, mine did about 3 weeks ago but i'm not diagnosed with ALS. My jaw clamped down when eating zucchini. I had pain though and thought i had tetanus because i had dropped an old metal chair on my foot a while back. The next day it was ok but i was scared to eat anyway. My jaw was twitching...
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    My "I hope it's not ALS" diary

    No, i haven't. But you mentioned getting night sweats. That is common in Hodgkins disease. Have you looked into that already?
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    Sorry you are going through this too. I don't have insurance so i don't have any tests coming...

    Sorry you are going through this too. I don't have insurance so i don't have any tests coming up :( My difficulty walking is intermittent, but it seems to be worse when i get out of the shower and even worse when blow drying my hair. I did have some symptoms of sciatica beginning in April...
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    My brother, 22, won't visit my father who has ALS.

    Here is a suggestion...maybe you can set up a SKYPE account (which is free) and has video. Maybe it would be easier for your brother to communicate with him this way, at least to start. You can arrange for a time he is available.....
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    Wow. I read your post and u sound exactly like me! Weakness with the blowdryer when bending...

    Wow. I read your post and u sound exactly like me! Weakness with the blowdryer when bending, left arm shaking and weakness, tremoring fingers and muscle twitches. Hehe im also on my i pad and always watch the cat videos to cheer me up. Anyway, u arent alone. I dont have an als diagnosis but i...
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    Please help: ALS fear consuming my life

    I don't have ALS but i understand the anxiety. Just because you have weakness doesn't necessarily mean its ALS. I've read a lot of stories and many times its the neurologist that has the answers, not the GP (that's only my opinion/conclusion from the posts i've read online). I have many crazy...
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    I tried to ignore my symptoms....

    thank you all for taking the time to answer my post. It really helps, and I think for now I'll put ALS out of my mind unless I show true symptoms that you all describe. In the meantime, i will pray for a cure for this awful disease!
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    I tried to ignore my symptoms....

    Thanks for your responses...i did note in my post that i have no insurance. I came here not believing that i have als, only that its a possibility. Im trying to sort my symptoms and get advice before seeing random doctors. Unfortunately, i cant afford to.
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    I tried to ignore my symptoms....

    I forgot to add that i also have awoken with a stiff knee, and i often have very tight sore calve muscles. I don't know if this matters.
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    I tried to ignore my symptoms....

    Thanks for responding so quickly, Luke. I did read the stickies and I understand that a lot of my symptoms do not sound like ALS. But, I was confused about some of the posts that i've read on "weakness." I do feel weak, but i also believe that I am weak. When i hold a plate or lift something...