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  • Hi Peg,

    Thank you for your note. I am still trying to figure out how these forums operate, what's closed and what's not. I'll have to pay careful attention next time i post. Actually, the neuro who did the emg sent him to another neuro. The neuro basically went along with the initial diagnosis. He will be going to see a ALS specialist soon as neither of these neuros are. It's just so much to take in and so much research to do. But we are looking at all the possibilities b4 accepting this horrific disease. Again, thanks so much for reaching out and thank u for your prayers. I will keep u posted.

    The thread is closed where you wrote about your friend. Did he/she get a second opinion. His symptoms sound like mine. I was diagnosed, DX with ALS on Oct 31, 2006 but sent to the University of Michigan for a second opinion. I had lots of trouble with my right hand (fine motor activity - writing), kept falling, and was very tired. Dec 7 2006 U of M said: "Atypical ALS" or Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN). I was given the treatment for MMN which is IVIG and I responded so my DX became MMN. I hope your friend got a secon opinion. You are both in my prayers. Peg
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