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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Toes Curling Just wondering if anyone else has problems with their toes makes it very difficult to put my shoes on!
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Gilly, Well, yes, twitching seems to be a pretty major symptoms of ALS. But I wouldn't worry about isolated twitching. Mine came after months of fatigue and gradual loss of strength...the twitching just made me realize something was really wrong and I wasn't just getting old! Anyhow, there are...
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    Need some advice, 20 year olds with ALS

    Hi Beanie, I first want to thank you for your reply to my post asking if anyone else is in their 20s with ALS. It's funny because there are now 3 of us female 27 year-olds dealing with this! Anyhow, I got the run-around for awhile as well. Probably because of the age thing again. At first I was...
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    Hi Ruby, When I realized that I had neurological problems I also started worrying about all of the diet drinks I've been drinking. Aspartame is also in SO many of the low calorie foods that we eat. The reports on it seem convincing, but I honestly don't know. I decided to give it up and see what...
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    Diagnosis probable als - probable ms!

    Hi Kazzy, How are the 7 little ones?! I'm so glad that your EMG went well. From my experience the EMG and the nerve conduction study have been the ultimate tests in determining ALS. It might not fit into the neat little package that you want (or that any of us want), but if I were you I'd just...
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    Very Scared

    Hi Sara, I can completely understand what you're going through...I am also 27 years old and was diagnosed with ALS in June. I started noticing differences when I was playing volleyball and was just getting weaker and weaker. Then the twitching came and I went to the doctor. My first EMG was...
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    That is really interesting about the genetic testing. I didn't know that they had pinpointed a mutation for ALS. I actually don't have anyone in my family who has had ALS, so I guess I don't need to get it done. But I do wonder why they don't do that test on patients to confirm diagnoses. I...
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Thank You! Thanks to everyone for your replies to my message. The encouraging words do help so much. Kazzy, I hope you're right about diagnosed at and early age and longevity...that's what I'm holding out for! Mike, you're a good example to me and how I can live my life with this disease...
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    totally confused

    Hello. Just like the others have said, I've heard (even from my doctors) that ALS is diagnosed by a process of elimination and there isn't any one test that can say you do or don't have it. When I was diagnosed, my doctors explained what they had to see in order to make such a diagnosis: 1...
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    Loss of balance with ALS

    Yes! I've tripped and fallen several times since my left foot started to drop. So I'd say that it is definately a part of ALS once the lower limbs are affected. In my experience it happens for two reasons: one, if you get foot drop you can't flex your foot when walking so if you don't lift your...
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Thanks for the post Kazzy... I think my sister heard of that girl in some of the research she has done. I'll be interested to hear from her and see if she has done anything special to ward off the disease. My husband is very supportive--he's my rock! And my family is great too, so I know when I...
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    Been feeling better but still have questions

    Hello. I don't know if you're still reading these or not, but I still thought I'd comment. Anyhow, my ALS did start with weakness...although I was able to be quite active for many months before it got really bad. Once I realized the weakness wasn't just "old age", I started noticing the...
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Thank you Beth! I just looked up the the book online and it looks great! Any bit of information like that can go a long way to helping someone, so thanks again! Heather
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    Anyone else in their 20's with ALS?

    Hi. My name is Heather and I was diagnosed with ALS about a month ago. I'm only 27 years old so it is extremely odd for me to have this horrible disease. I was just wondering if there are any other females (or males) in the same boat as me. My symptoms started about a year ago. I've been an...