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  • hi dear friend,i have been thinking of you and wanted to drop by.........not on the forum much these days.
    hope you are as well as you can be and your family are well........including doggie and kittie lol.
    not been too good for a long while but still hanging in there.
    been watching alot of programs about the amish,pennsylvania(sp)looks such a beautiful place to live,very nice countryside.
    please get in touch when you can and let me know your ok..................
    ....................oh and ignore the message bellow,this person has just joined,not posted and has the cheek to write such c**p........will be having a few words in there ear.
    miss you lots and lots (((hugs)))caroline.
    I am in the preliminary stages of neuro visits to determine why I am biting my tongue, cheek, lips I mean no disrespect, but I find your posts scare people and contain inaccurate information. Eg:your reply to someone who bites their tongue 'Def UMN'. Jaw jerk, increased startle: 'Definitely UMN'. Hyperreflexia does not equal increased starle. Hyperreflexia is determined by tests by a neuro for Babinsky's and Hoffman's or hyper jaw jerk. Tongue biting could have many causes. Not all so-called bulbar signs are UMN. Please keep this is mind. You are causing many members undo grief. Do not respond to queries with 'Yup. That is DEFINTELY UMN'. You do not know this. No evidence to substantiate such claims. Sometimes a headache is a headche, not a brain tumour..."When you hear galloping, think horses not zebras". I really needed to tell you this. I've read many of your posts and they are unduly negative and fear-inducing, which I sincerely hope is not your intent.
    Such a tough time! It hurts bad doesn't it! Just popped over to say hi. Hang in there. xo
    Annie I always love hearing from you and being on the receiving end of your hugs. This has been a very tough week. It is just cruel how many good people we have lost to this disease.

    I value our friendship and please know I am always here for you.

    Hugs ~ your friend, Ted
    hi my favourite girlfriend.
    just wanted to let you know i have been thinking of you and i miss how we used to chat,i know richard and now al's death must be hitting you hard.
    you know i am always here for you and you can talk to me anytime about anything.
    i miss you (((hugs)))caroline
    Hey there! Its been awhile... How are you feeling these days? You hangin in there?
    Anything new going on in your life? Hope you are well my friend.
    Hi, hope you have a good new year... I might take you up on your offer to visit this year, I am going to do all i can to stay strong......the emotional affect makes me want to be alone or with people like me...its easier to stay in a positive state that way!
    You are such a sweetie, I really value your posts, they help so many, so thougtful and informative. Funny thing my sister says the same thing about me. I never notice it, I am hanging in there, good all things considered. I love your pet photo's and your family, they bring a smile to my face.. I love your avatar photo... It is so sweet. I think your explanations help so many, including ME for sure..
    How are you doing? I was just thinking about you today. It seems like you never talk about 'you' and I was hoping that this was a good thing, rather than not, if you know what I mean.
    Ohhhh my hair was stress, the emotion affect was CRAZY!! I could not control it and my boss said I could not go out on family medical act, so i tried to work.......I went on Neudexta but was not used to it and it made me nutty on top of other medecines...so i walked out and my doc put me on disability to get used to it, my hair grew back because i lost it from stress. I go back to work nov14...cross my fingers, but now i would highly recommend nuedexta it just takes time to get used to.
    Hey it was good hearing from you!!! It figures I learned i cant swim in the ocean past my thighs because i almost drowned because the rip current was too strong yet little kids were having the easiest time out their, then i go hiking and like when i was a kid, i had to walk over the creek and blamo!! Next time i hope i know better!! I finally realized I CANT do sometheings OH WELL there is a lot i can do:) Who has a major fall and doesn't break a bone, i am so lucky!!! So how have you been doing lately??? I am glad you messaged me I have been a chatter bug like my old self since I got spiritual help in Asheville :) Hope all is well, Sam
    hi,hows my favourite friend doing? we dont hear much from you these days.
    you are going to have to post something so i can "like" you lol..........i think most of my likes are from you and anne.........got a fan club going.
    i know you like your privacey but if ever you want to talk i am always here for you.
    big (((hugs)))caroline.
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