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  • I do not believe that God gave us this disease!! God is unconditional love...God would never give us this disease!! I believe that life hands us the cards and we have to play them. God will help us do just that. For God is LOVE! God will give us the strength and courage to deal with this disease. It is not easy!!! But I get my strength from God. Trust in God to see you through~ Prayer changes our inner strength so dont give up on prayer!

    love you much and praying for you that you stay strong!
    Sr Sharon/Sequoia
    I knew what you meant. I just didn't want someone that didn't know what you meant to misunderstand anything. :)

    Not for me either. I'll get a peg and bi-pap but I don't think I'll opt for a trach and vent. I may change my mind though. Who knows. If I had kids I would.

    Oh, to respond to someone's message to you click on the link on the lower right that says ""view conversation" and your response will show up on their visitor message page. Your conversation will stay connected.
    used term wrong apparently
    anyway, body becomes useless, unable to move a muscle ( maybe can twitch your cheek if you're lucky) with your brain just chugging away, thinking logically and understanding the state your body is in. ohhhhh boy, something to look forward to. maybe for many --- not for me.
    Hi, wasn't meaning to be snippy, sorry if it came off like that. But your concern was important, and things sometimes get lost if in an unrelated thread. Good luck!
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