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  • Hi ! I have been reading your posts and came along one that had asked about PBP. My relative has the speech.slurring/cough to swallow symptoms. The first neuro said 99% ALS. Then went to ALS Center for 2nd diagnosis. Dr said they caught it "early", he was very healthy and that this form of ALS just seems to be confined to his mouth. He said dont worry and go on and live your life . Well , great news . The best of the worst. But can ALS really be just confined to his mouth and a very very good chance it will stay just in his mouth? The only other thing that disturbs me is that he has had some weakness in his hand but that was never addressed............Should we just take this ball and run with it. The Dr. put him on that drug that prolongs ALS and various vitamins.............what do you think? I would so appreciate all that you can tell me...............thanks so much, Cate
    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and remember with a joyful heart all the birthdays you had with your Mom. I'm sure she would want you to celebrate the day- after all, giving you life was her gift to you! Marianne
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