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  • Hi Nicola, thanks lots. That is good to hear re UK forums, I will take a look. I'm still coming to terms with being told it's probably pls, and obviously worried as we all are by how it might progress. I'm very tentative in my reading about it at the moment because I find some information upsets me more than it helps, but I am trying to find hopeful people and positive things I can do, which is why I was looking at supplements etc. Thank you again so much, Pete
    Hello hope, thanks for your message. So glad to hear you are getting good care. The NHS mnd teams and local MNDA support teams seem very good indeed.
    Hi, Hope. Just wanted to let you know that the two posts here in your Visitor Message section will be seen be very few. The real place to get visibility is in the subforum titled Do I Have ALS?
    Last summer I had what I thought was a knee problem, xray showed mild osteoarthritis, but kept getting worse.Was sent to physio, it was here that we discovered the whole left leg is weak. I had been having many falls. I am 54. My physio said knee reflexes were v brisk. Also babinski positive. Cramps in the bad leg over this whole period of time, and fasiculations more prevelant now than at the beginning.was referred to spinal team for mri spine and neck. No evidence of cord compression or MS. I should be seeing a neurologist in a couple of weeks time, I mentioned als and my spinal chap said he could see why I might think that.all feeling still present in bad leg. Cramps starting in right leg slightly now and an awful sticky throat with cough. Cannot see if leg is atrophied, looks okish. So things dont seem great really.i may need to get some support here soon.
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