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    Hi Mare! It's been a while, I know. I'm in Mount Dora right now visiting my son. He is living in...

    Hi Mare! It's been a while, I know. I'm in Mount Dora right now visiting my son. He is living in a residential behavior home here now. I found I couldn't take care of him alone and he's been living here since May 11th. He's doing great. I decided to pop on over here and saw you were online...
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    I haven't been over here in a long time. Please forgive me. I was so saddened to read of Beth's passing. She was such an inspiration to so many here on this site, including my husband, Eric aka mango who passed away this past November, and to myself. She always had a kind word and lots of...
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    Mom is dancing now.

    Sara, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear mom. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Judi
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    Marsha's Journey

    Paul, I'm so sorry for the loss of your wife, Marsha. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judi
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    Mango is now free..

    Thank you for the condolences and for sharing what a good guy Eric was to you on this board. He was loved by many and will be missed by many.
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    Liz Millet

    I'm so sorry. My husband just passed away on Monday so I know what you're going through. My deepest sympathy to your and your family. Judi
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    Mango is now free..

    Hi everyone, It is with great pain that I tell you my loving husband, Mango aka Eric, passed away yesterday after fighting a courageous battle with ALS. We are all in shock over how fast this disease took my husband down. He was only diagnosed in late Jan 09. He will be missed by so many. Thank...
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    Support for Judi & Eric-

    Mango is home! Thanks again for all the well wishes and support. Judi
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    Support for Judi & Eric-

    Thank you everyone. Mango is chomping at the bit to get discharged from the hospital today. His brother spent the night with him last night and is there with him now making sure the hospital knows Mango aka Eric wants out of there TODAY. He has been in since Friday. He's been getting two...
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    Husband fell head first into bathtub!

    I'm glad your hubby is okay! My hubby did the same darn thing back in April or May, I can't remember which. He was walking past the tub and lost his balance and BOOM in he went! He also hit his head. I was amazed he didn't break the skin THAT time. It was on June 27th he wasn't so lucky and had...
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    Hubby is in ICU on a ventilator

    Praying that Lenny is doing better and can get off the vent. That must have been so scary for you both. Hang in there!
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    Flu Shots?

    Thank you everyone for your input. My husband will definitely be getting a flu shot as well as myself, our son and all our family members who have regular contact with my husband. I appreciate all the useful info!
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    Flu Shots?

    Is it recommended that people with ALS get the flu shot? My husband is not a fan of the flu shot, but now that he has ALS, I am thinking it might be a good idea for him to get one. The last thing he needs is to get the flu! Also, I was wondering the same thing about the new Swine flu vaccine...
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    Our Roll in Shower is finished!

    LOL Beth! Not too worry. I wouldn't be so bold to post pics of our roll in the shower! Trying to stay positive- I'm finding the dimensions of the shower to work just fine. We do use a full size shower chair.
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    Our Roll in Shower is finished!

    Thank you everyone. We are very happy with the results and the shower is proving to be quite functional. Tfisher- The shower is not very big. It's 59" long and 34" wide. As you can see from the photos our bathroom is more long than wide. Thelma- It is not marble, but porcelain tile. Joel-...