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  • I completely understand. I know how much you two meant to each other. I just hate how this darn monster takes the best. I am doing ok.. Some days much better than others. Keep in touch.. I am here if you ever want to talk. H4c
    Happy Birthday, Judi! I hope you have a nice day & get some time to do something just for you!
    You & Eric are in my thoughts & prayers daily.
    Hi, Judi- How are you doing? The bathroom looks great! Finally got my computer fixed- I'm up & running now!
    My best to Eric- looking forward to some posts from him.
    Hi, Judi- that's great about the shower; would love to see the pictures, as that is our next project. It has been hectic at my house (long story), & my computer crashed, then died! Have to share Jim's for now! How are you & Eric doing? Give him my best- keeping you guys in my thoughts & prayers!
    Just wanted to say hi, and that I like your statement about still having something to say!
    One down, one to go! That's great- and, a big accomplishment. Can't wait to see the pics!
    Hope things are going well- my best to Eric.
    Hi,Judi- You're welcome! It was something I learned here, so I was just passing it on!
    Judi ... thank you so much. I know how much prayers help! My best to you and your husband.
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