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  • I'm from China. My mother is ALS patients, the incidence of mother when the most serious weakness in the limbs, muscle cramps crazy beat, sleep at night can't sleep, eat only eat a little, and eat and drink reflex seriously, speak not clear, extremely bad mental state, the size of the fish muscle, the muscle atrophy, arm muscles like a layer of as attached to the skin on the arm, leg muscles are very stiff, deformity of the morbid across long. At present, MY mother take Chinese traditional medicine, control well, nearly a year without any development Eat, drink, talk is good. If you like to try, I can give half a month to try.You can send me e-mail: [email protected]
    Welcome to the Forum ! Hope you post more so we can get to know you better. Praying your progression is a slow one....REAL SLOW
    You were dx one year after me,wish you the best.The Forums and people have helped a lot,good luck.--------------------Ken
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