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  • I think your symptoms were like mine that you're not answering because you think i will be anxious but don't think like that, i'm not a kid,i can face the truth
    thanks for your response,you mean your weakness was clinical? you coulldn't grab things or press the doctor's hand or like mine? mine is not really ache,it is challenging to do things
    i'd be very happy if you answer this,sorry to bother you
    i have been twitching for 20 months,first i had a wired feeling in my right leg,it atrophied a bit,then after 6 months my left leg was uncomfortable too,now my right hand,i can't use it alot,it aches and is heavy,i had 3 normal emg's and DRs don't think that my atrophy of right leg and right side of my ribcage is important till my emg is normal,i'm 21 years old and i am a medical student,i'm so very worried,i don't know what to do,i wanna ask you about my symptoms,i have all of them but i don't have weakness that the doctor could see,i can walk,run raise my hand and other thing but all with force
    my emg's were short,for example one minuite per muscle,i think it is not enough
    sorry for my bad english,i think our symptoms are like each other,so i asked you,would be pleased if you answer me
    Just stop in to saY Hi! How are you doing? My dad is doing pretty good right now considering having ALS.
    Dad was happy the other day that it warmed up enough that he could take out his pwc for a stroll. He lived in Dallas about a five minute drive from my brother's home in a assistant living facility. My brother and sister take him out to the movies, out to eat, and to their kids sporting events. Take care, Kim
    Hi. I am new to the forum and have seen some of your posts. I would love to have your advice on my situation. My post is in the DIHALS forum titled "young mommy... Please offer your advice".
    Thank you for your reply, it definitely helps. I guess I'm just being a little paranoid since I've read of many instances in which PALS get misdiagnosed initially with carpal tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve compression. Right now the only issues I've dealt with is tingling and discomfort in the arms and hands, no weakness, and it comes and goes. I just need to accept the diagnosis and try to move on. Again, thanks for the info
    I noticed you mentioned you had ulnar never surgery, was that your first symptom? Back in July I posted a message about my tingling symptoms and my emg/ncv results, and was diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment. Two months later, i'm not completely sold on the diagnosis and I think it's odd that my neurologist wants to see me every 6-8 weeks. I'm starting to experience muscle issues in my legs, no noticeable weakness, just very sore and painful. So i guess my question is, if you don't mind me asking, did your first symptom mirror symptoms that are seen in people with ulnar nerve compression?
    Thank you for raising awareness through your US News series! I also noticed you're following me on Tumblr. Thank you! If you have ideas about the blog, I'm eager to hear them. Also, i noticed you are a food writer. What are some things you recommend i eat while i can still chew? Do you have a food blog or website?
    Hi! After my diagnosis in December 2012, i told my daughter that I wanted to go on a trip, somewhere warm. She surprised me with a trip to Hawaii! To the big island. I cannot express how beautiful we found Hawaii to be! I think it is probably the next best thing to heaven! I am so happy that I got to go and create lasting memories! Hope you are doing okay. God bless!
    Aloha, Graduated from Hilo High. Currently living on the Kona side of the big Island. August have an ALS appointment in Calif. Sept thinking about attending the ALS walk in Honolulu. Hope to meet others. Have not had much luck seeking informed people for outreach here in Hawaii.

    Hope your doing ok on the east coast, do you ever have a chance to visit Hawaii?
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story so openly to help raise awareness.
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