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  • Hi Jennifer, the way Brian spoke around his trach was with the cuff down. That let the air go around the trach and past his vocal chords. The trilogy vent can compensate for the leak created by having the cuff down. I hope that helps

    Hi Jennifer,
    I'm on my trach only when I sleep or feel very fatigued. I got trached because I stop breathing when I sleep. If you are not on the vent. You can still speak. When you the procedure done you will get a speech devise attaches to the inner cannula it allows the air to stop going through the vent. When you want speak. I'm on tube feeding, but I do enjoy ice cream on occasion. Being was a planned procedure. I didn't want an emergency situation. You recovery is much better. My stay was only 10 days. Respiratory therapist will teach you everything you need to know about care. They won't discharge your mom without teaching you everything you need to know. I hope this helps. If you have any question please feel free to message me.
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