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  • Hi Kate,
    You are in my prayers. I truly wish I could do more to help you Sending you a hug! I do care. Kim
    Hello! I live in Michigan. Do you know about ALS of Michigan? I know 3 people personally who have had their PEG and DPS put in at Henry Ford in Detroit in the past year. They do a wonderful job. Is that where you're going? I'd love to 'really chat' but I only talk 'private info' by private messaging. There's a great group of us pALS in Michigan who get together regularly.
    Thanks Tillie! I find myself on here more and more as my husband and I wander down this dark and winding path. This place is a beacon of sorts.
    Hi Kate, once you have done 15 forum posts here you can send private messages here. I ended up asking David to turn it on, but it is supposed to be automatic. Thinking of you as we have much in common. Tillie
    Hi Kate,
    If you would like you could go to our Come to Tea site. It is a outlet that we talk on and get to know other members. We keep it light and talk about regular stuff such as hobbies and everyday things. Sometimes, sharing a recipe or laugh or too. Feel free to chime in. Kim
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