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  • that wasnt my mother in the video. but dont smoke it, it is going to hurt your lungs. You'll need your lungs in the long run man. Please use a vaporizer if you do smoke it. Please dont harm your lungs. and i hope you symptoms better
    Dear highspirit, here I find the only possibility to write something about my thankfullness that so many people with ALS etc. profit from taking cannabinoids. I am diagnosed with ALS and a Friend of me told me about hemp and that it could perhaps help me. I am happy about the fact that my bodypain is smaller, my sleep is better, i am happier all the day with a small dose. It makes so many things easier for me: easier to weep, easier to laugh, easier to be here and now, etc. After 1 month neurorehabilitation I search for work again -I want to do my things i love as long as easyly possible. I feel my smoking is no addiction.
    Today is my first day in this forum and I dont know whom I can thank for this forum. So you can take the thanks.
    By the way: I love your mother swimming.
    Bye bye
    Thomas Weiss
    Hello Highspirits8. (I love your ID!)
    Thank you for your posts on my thread! I will find out today what and how the DynaVox machine works. A lady was from the ALS Assoc. is meeting with my mom today at 5 and I plan to go there tomorrow. I will have to tell you what I find out.
    I am so very glad you mentioned the whey protein drink! I have a big tub of it the NOW brand and I can bring that for my mom. Thank you for your advice!
    High spirits. Local contacts would be great. If your sister is up for it please have her contact me at [email protected] I already have a full time caregiver. My son tries his best to oversee from afar but you know how that is. Thanks
    Kimberly it is ok I understand. I am seeing second hand the process of my mother losing her mobility. She has trouble speaking and her G-Tube is to be admitted next month. I help her with a lot, but this I assure you will help. I am here to help you or anyone that needs it, because to be honest talking to this community really does help me handle helping and consoling my mom's emotions sometimes. Good night and sleep well Kimberly.
    Because of family problems I had to reinvent myself. I am momofsixkids60/Kimberly. I just wanted to be upfront before we went any further. I actually live in South Carolina. I will e-mail you when my wifi returns on my tablet. I am a quad and use a tablet or my [email protected]$$ phone with voice activation to type. It will be sometime tomorrow.
    The true beauty in the human spirit radiates through the drive and will, found within a terminally ill person. Their happiness and high spirits through incredibly hard times deserves every person's admiration and respect for their ongoing battle.

    -Have an AWESOME DAY, give 120% always
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