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  • Hi HG so sorry , hope they have got it wrong . as i saidmy emg the same as yours and feel so weak now too . i wish you peace meg
    In ALS, generally they need to spot renervation and active denervation in the EMG--those aren't cited. That's likely why they said "not ALS' at this point
    I dont know im going to a rheumy who specialises in muscle disease - so maybe a biopsy. i have pain in thoracic back -mines a long story- maybe read my old posts but . i think its nerve damage of some sort. please dont worry too much i ended up being diagnosed as psychosomatic and lots of meds which didnt help- i ruined my life for 2 years - am a lot worse physically but better mentally - try keep off meds did me know good. people here are very helpfull - the undiagnosed do understand too - feel free to pm me when you have enough posts 10 i think mags
    Hi HG your symptoms are very similar to mine emg results L5/S1 supposed problems. I cant walk for more than 15 mins . Can walk around house but thats it. muscle twitching started nov 2011 weakness started jan 2012. emg doesnt show als just like you thats something is wrong. they are looking at a myopathy for me now- hope this helps margaret
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