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  • I stopped by for a visit, read some comments and the memories are rushing in my mind. I want to wash my eyes, remove the pain from my brain as I recall the demise of my strong father. ALS I want to kick your butt. You are affecting and torturing so many......
    I'm so glad my words were able to give you some comfort, I wish I could give you a real hug.

    Who was looking after your dad when he came home from hospital may I ask? I did remember he had progressed at an alarmingly rapid pace, but didn't remember he couldn't walk at all. Did he have any movement though as I still wonder if he tried to get up and walk causing the serious fall.

    But then I probably shouldn't try and wonder, it's not something we can change now, but you can focus on all your very best memories of your father, all he did for you, with you, and meant to you, and cherish these memories as a comfort as you grieve.

    Life is a death sentence, ALS is just an accelerant. I'm thinking of you all the time. Tillie
    Oh honey, I'm heartbroken for you to have to deal with wondering about the cause of death.

    Can I gently say to you - my husband had many falls, 2 of them were serious, the last resulting in splitting his head open, breaking a rib and huge bruises and fluid lumps. How he didn't fracture his skull or have a brain bleed and die I will never know. He would insist that he was 'alright'.

    Your father could have been similar - finally getting home and wanting desperately to feel some normality and have a walk around ... just saying ...

    I have just had an awful day today of my PALS choking and aspirating. It can take more than an hour to clear some puree that has lodged in his throat. It is frightening and exhausting for him and I can't help but wonder how he can bear it, this is the most cruel disease.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I'm always happy to message with you. Tillie
    I still lurk around these pages......not much to offer as my dad passed away quickly after being diagnosed (one month and a day). I sit here reading these posts and all I can do is cry. I'm feel sad for my loss, but even with my short time dealing with my fathers illness and ailments, I realize and understand how horrific this disease ALS is and will be for those affected. I'm sorry, so sorry this disease is out there. For your family members, for you the patient, for the friends .....why? Why? Why? I don't understand!
    You will always be welcome here, and you can contact me any time. I find supporting others gives me relief from feeling helpless and this disease sure makes me feel helpless. You may never know if their incompetence hastened your dad's death. I would hug you and advise to try not to dwell on this. ALS can kill suddenly at any time. Honestly, this monster disease just does what it damn well pleases to our loved ones, and takes the best people from this world. Love you girl xxx
    OMG Donna I'm in disbelief too, I'm so sorry. My husband is progressing fast, but somehow his breathing, though very affected now has been the slowest progressing of everything, so he lives through watching all the parts of his body failing on him. It's a cruel monster no matter how fast or slow it is. I know he knew you are the best daughter and he was proud of you and you can carry that in your heart all your life.

    I sure can't explain why they discharged him, the health 'professionals' constantly stun me with what kind of stuff can go on. I hope you find peace knowing he has been spared so much slow decline, even if you never wanted him to die.

    Thank you for letting me know, I'm sending you a huge bundle of big sister hugs. Feel free to stay in touch as you grieve now, but I will understand if you don't really feel up to visiting this site much now either.
    My Group Join Date is 2/2/2014, my dad was diagnosed with ALS 1/21/2014 while at Rush University. released from Rush University on 2/21/2014 and 24 hours later on Saturday, February 22, 2014 he lost his fight.

    I'm shaking my head in disbelief.
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