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  • Thanks Deb- I have read the stickies- very good information- Have my f/u with neuro this week on wed. expecting EMG to be done at this time-will let you know the outcome. Thank you- Helen
    Hi HP, I've always been the caregiver too. Been a nurse since 1976. Only had one ALS patient in all that time. It's a big adjustment being on the receiving end. Let me know how it goes with the EMG/NCV. I sure hope they can find something else. I was caring for my elderly Mom when my symptoms started so kept putting off F/U for my symptoms. I had muscle cramping in my L thigh in Feb 2010 which moved over to the R leg and progressed to foot drop on the R. Fatigue was a big issue and initially we looked at knees and then with elevated liver enzymes and CPK thought it might be related to the Abilify I had added to my anti-depressant regime. No improvement after a few months off the drug, so began to look elsewhere. Had my second opinion at Mayo in Jacksonville May of 2011. This is a great place for info and a very supportive group. Best of luck to you....Deb PS: Make sure you read the "stickies" at the start of the "do I have, is this ALS threads. Excellent info in there.
    I am new to this forum- I am in the process of a 9 month rule out other diseases. Symptoms initially started out as balance issues and weakness on the left side-leg and arm/hand- had 2 falls. I have torn both knees that have required surgery to repair over this past year. What's been ruled out- stroke, MS, lyme disease, all tick born diseases, heavy metal poisioning. Discovered have a B12 def. which I have corrected with injections, symptoms worsening. Also MRI of cervical showed bulging disc at 3-5-7 no compression- (7/11 repeated 1/12 No change- compression-they ? cervical myelopathy- hard collar made faciculations increase. Have a positive babinski to left foot, and starting with foot drop. My fatigue is debilitating so tired trying to get around. Have a follow up with neuro this week. My PCP is going to call ahead and request EMG- haven't had emg or nerve conduction test. Have had a total of 6 MRI of head- so have been assured no stroke no MS which is good- Any other tests?
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