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  • Hi! Sorry about hubby's diagnosis. The AlSA and MDA produce caregiver guides that you might find helpful. Check out ALSfrombothsides.org for some tips too.
    Sammons Preston catalog has some gadgets that may help.
    Best bet is to have an evaluation by PT and OT. They can see where he's at and make recommendations.
    Good luck!
    Hi Helpals,
    I saw you had posted a question on an old thread--you may not get the answers you are looking for. Try starting a new thread--there is a button at the top of the list of threads in a catagory that says new thread. good luck to you and welcome tothe forum
    Hi, I noticed you asked a question on someone else's thread. You'll get answers if you start your own thread. To do that click on the link above named ALS/MND Support Group Forums and click on People With ALS. Then click on New Thread and type your questions. People will see it under New Posts. Let me know if you need any help with this. To respond to me click on the link View Conversation underneath this message here and it will show up on my profile. Welcome!
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