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  • Hi Joe, You almost described my situation in your post. How are your symptoms right now? Is there any improvement?
    I would be appreciated to hear from you.
    Hi Joe..was curious if you ever found your way to my chat room for BFSers?? Leave me a message when u can to let me know..hope u are well :)

    Robynn LeAnne :)
    Joe, let me know How it goes with BFS. I may be a *****, but I am a nice one, and I do care
    Thank you Sadiemae, while I'm new to posting I've been following your comments and have really enjoyed them. I have learned much because of your posts and cannot thank you enough for what you are doing here.
    Go to the forum you want to post in(IE Do I have ALS) and in the top left there is a box that says new thread. click on that
    I'd like to ask a question to the forum members but do not know how to title or create a post. How is it that you get a thread going? Thank you in advance for the help ~Joe
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