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  • I had pain behind my knees when seated, unless my feet were elevated, placing all pressure on my butt and lower legs. That was for maybe nine months, before diagnosis. I've had back pain totally unrelated to ALS, but your having so little pain is actually normal. The weakness is a Lower Motor Neuron symptom. Helen, if your feet are advanced enough, they stop showing the reflexes and the Babinski. That has to be seen earlier. My ankles now have no reflex, and the formerly brisk knee reflexes are barely discernible.

    What do you design? I haven't got a very good memory, Helen. It's very much changed according to stress and fatigue, and I have lots of fatigue. I sort of go in and out of really "being present". I love Aly's thread. She is a darling. Please post and be silly with us. I think at least as of now, it's a safe place to hang out, and not worry about anything.

    Ann xo
    Hi Helen, just stopped by--I hope you're doing well. Haven't heard from you lately at the tea party, but hope to see you posting soon!
    Hi Helen, just reading your post really p-------s me off! Which seems to happen a lot lately. I think something like this really shows a person's character! I hope your kids are helping some, its a d--n shame but mine have had to step up and miss out on a lot because i was always the one to do everything school and recreational wise. I need my husband to man up, not shrink away and yours does too! Talk to me anytime as i surely need someone to help me cope and i hope i can do the same for you, oh and my boys are 13 and 10...Happy Holidays:)
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