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  • Hi Cutie,
    Have read today is your birthday,surprised it was not on TV news,Happy Birthday to you,wish you the best-------------------------Hugs Ken
    Hi Helen, yes I do have a card that says I have mnd and not a drunk haha! Those hotels are in South Ave in Staten island. Hampton inn ans Hilton garden inn
    Check out FB tomorrow I'll post pictures from the ship
    Helen sorry to hear that you don't have a buyer yet. Neither do I. Tim and I were just talking about that this morning -- we feel like we are in limbo. Should we make an all out effort to get just booked for this next season? Or should I call the realtor and lower the price and see if she gets anybody in the next month or two? This whole thing revolves around the fact we need to do some with remodeling if we are staying but don't want to put the money into remodeling a bath and then moves and have to do it all over again. Life was so much simpler when I was younger and the dragon was dead!
    I don't see him at Mass General... are you still in the process of getting diagnosed? Because if you want to go to the ALS clinic at UMass Worcester, you can see Dr. Chad there as well. But he's at Mass General most of the time.

    Good luck tomorrow and keep me posted!
    I felt something special when I was reviewing all the photos on the MGH website- there must be over 20 and his was the first Bio I read because I was drawn to something- read a couple of his papers/abstracts- haven't heard from MGH- they received my file friday afternoon- so didn't expect to hear today- plan on calling them tomorrow- wednesday makes a week since my inital call for an appointment.
    Hi Helen (my Mom's name). Thank you for supporting of Vona and for befriending me. I know I will need your support too.
    Hi Helen- yes I am a Helen Too!- Thanks for the info- It's funny that Dr David Chad was the first on my wish list- spoke to MGH neurology dept. today- they finally got my medical records from PCP- they are reviewing and will call with an appointment- so not sure if it will be with neurosurgeon or neurologist- hopefully will not take to long to get an eval. and figure this out. Thank you for taking the time to answer me, and for the references on Docs- will keep you posted- gratefully Helen
    Hi Helen, my God this is excruciatingly horrific. I don't know what words to use to describe what is going on in our lives right now. I know, I know (intellectually) I know that things will change and this will "become the new normal" but this is a normal we want to deny and pretend isn't going to happen. And then for several hours life begins to feel like it used to - the sun comes and goes down. We have responsibilities that we fulfill. We laugh together. Cook and eat. But then the horror comes back and it's nothing but gut-wrenching tears and fear. I suppose this is the process and there is circumventing it but this is the worst thing we have ever faced in our lives. And we have been through hell at times. My sister didn't tell me but it's not just her right hand now - it's her right arm and right foot. TERRIFYING!!!
    It sure sounds like their traffic through your house is picking up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your house sells soon. Still no word from those that went through my place twice. Fingers crossed that they make up their mind soon. :)
    Helen any recommendations, information will be greatly appreciated. I went on Mass Generals web site and have read many of the bios to figure out who would be best. I have had many opinions as to what they think could be wrong between my pcp, the local neuro, the docs that I work with, which includes an ortho and internal medicine doc-as well as the opinions, concerns of my fellow nurse co-workers. Everyone seems to specialize in a specific area, and that was the issue when I went to BI last summer- I was referred to a neuro who specialized in migraines as the first neurologist locally thought I had a hemiplegia migraine going on which was so riduculous- she ruled out and sent me to another BI neurologist who specialized in seizures who ruled that out- I don't need a referral from PCP and Mass General is in my net work for insurance, I just need a definate direction- is it cervical myelopathy due to discs or MND. Thanks HelenL- grateful- also Helen!
    Hi Helen, unfortunately I'm back.... My sister got the second opinion from the ALS Clinc in Vancouver on Tuesday. You were so good to me when I was here in November and December. I was wondering and hoping if you would find it in your heart to write to my sister now that she is having to come face to face with this monseter. She is Alic - she is on my friend list. Marta and Ken have been wonderful. My sister wrote Marta today and Marta replied even though she is with her family and enjoying things. Helen, please. Would you write my sister???? Give her some hope and encouragement? Are you doing O.K.? I was away because... well you must know what denial is like.
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