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  • Hi Helen- Met Dr Chad today- he performed my needle EMG. What a lovely DR. very kind. I also like Dr Fridman who I saw last week- she is young and gave me a very comprehensive exam. No indication from either Dr. whether exam/Emg were normal or abnormal. Have a follow up appt. on May 3rd. For the first time in a year feel that I have the right team to determine what is wrong with me. Hope you had a good Easter.
    Hey Helen, it's been a while since I've heard anything about your house. Do you still have it ready for sale? I just read a post that you wrote for a newcomer who is questioning whether it is worth living. You posted so eloquently and it reminded me that I hadn't been in touch with you except for group responses on the tea table. I begin to think that that is the only place I go and check regularly. I've been trying to look at the other places where I can offer some help and some hope. That means that my writing at the tea table is rather hit and miss. :) It doesn't mean that I don't care, it just means I don't have enough energy to write everywhere. Darn disease, I just wish it would go way. Love you dear lady and so enjoy your positive outlook and your humor. I considered you a dear dear friend. Love and hugs filled with peace and joy.
    Thanks Helen , her birthday was yesterday and that is why my husband was spoiling me. He feels bad for me when I cry, he has no idea what to say to make me feel better. But yesterday I did very well and didn't cry !!
    Hi dear Helen. Did you have to get tough with Medicare to get disability? I have A & B but not D. What do I need to do? Congratulations by the way on getting it! Love you!
    Hi Helen- Just wanted you to know that I got a call from MGH they moved my appt up to this wed on the 4th from June 26th- its not with Dr Chad but Dr. Freidman. I am just grateful its sooner rather than later. Not a good day today- arms and legs feel like a 1000lbs. started with cold in chest symptoms yesterday so don't know if that is it- slept most of the day- have you ever had intense itch to muscles? My calf muscles are so itchy and tight crazy right?
    You should not feel bad about the mix up, i'm so happy i could prove i am not the other person i got mixed up with! I already care for this forum so that's why i did prove it hehehe, otherwise i would just have gone but i am glad i stayed! I was so sad when it happend bbut i live now and am happy to be here :)

    A normal votaminw E doses is good, i will look up the clinical trial about it, is interesting!
    Hi Helen, thank you so much for your post! I use fish oil someone gave me this advice and it helps to slow down twitching as well and is very healthy in general, and vitamine E, according to Dutch clinical trials seems to slow down ALS a little bit, did you hear about that. Vitamine E is safe to use! I do use Q10 4 energy. Do my best to eat a lot and healthy but often so tired, well, i must eat so i do, amd have added more fat to my diet. Hopefully i will gain some weight, i already lost so much :(

    I am so happy I sticked with all of you! This is the best forum, it was a rough start and very worth it to stay!!!

    I will look up the info about the stem cell trial & hope you will have the chance to take part if your state does a trial. But be careful, cause lots of fraud is sadly done with this therapy, but it is definately worth it! Take care Helen & wonderful to be friends here, welcome!!!

    Hi Helen! Was pleasantly suprized to see a message from you! Yes I have been busy and trying to keep going is difficult but still do-able in small sized chunks. ;) I think I am up to just over $8 in change, but the pay really sucks! Although getting a new office out of it makes it worth while. Heading out to a play this evening, to see The Wizard of Oz. I hope your doing well too and thanks for the note! Hugs~Joyce
    Hi Helen! Anja posted a response to you on her page. Just thought I'd let you know Sweet Lady. Thanks for reaching out to her. xoxoxo
    Helen thanks for checking in with me...I am slowly getting better, able to breathe better now. A cold is a terrible thing for breathing troubles...but I am improving. Tell the folks at tea to keep praying for me, and I will drop by soon as I am feeling better.
    love you!
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