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  • My arms and hands are gone and I can only stand with assistance so I'm stuck except for bathroom breaks. Spend a lot of time on the computer with SmartNav head mouse and EyeGaze.

    Doing okay most of the time. Welcome, friend. :)
    Graphic design has been a big part of what I do. I print Tshirts mostly, but it's for a pretty cool company with a wonderful aesthetic. I wish I could send you some Duckfat Fries. They are insanely decadent and wonderful.
    Hi Heliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, looked better than hellllllllllllllllen or heeeeeeeeeeeeelen.
    Ha ha. Going out into a lovely sunny day. Brisk but sunny.
    Hi there Helen, i was in real life a lot and it's a challenging time right now, no diagnose yet, it might be ALS or MMN and the EMG showed an obstruction so before i get a diagnose i get a MRI of my upper left arm... i bet they will find nothing there... *SIGH*

    How are you doing Helen? I missed all of you, but i also feel the need to NOT think about possible ALS or MMN... on other hand i wished i had a diagnose it's making me crazy... i want to know and i don't, confusing...

    Take care there!
    I do have lots of questions. I'm trying to let my mind settle before I start asking things that have been answered over and over. I'm reading a lot but I just don't seem to be retaining much. I'll get it together eventually. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Hi Helen, thank you for your comment and suggestion. Carpan Tunnel has already been ruled out by my doc, but you are right about the repetitive motion element to what I do, it at the very least might be making a small problem seem like a much bigger one. I hope you are keeping well.
    glad you are still able to work , waiting on appoitment for robtic arm will let you know when i get it
    Hey, yes I do live in Portland and have absolutely been to Duck Fat and Hugos. I actually dated someone who worked at both locations for awhile. They produce some really wild and decadent food. There is so much good food here............ I almost moved out of here a lifetime ago, but it wasn't the right time..... funny how that stuff works.

    Thank you again. I'll be in touch.
    I just wanted to thank you for your response to my post. That was probably the best advice that I have got and probably the kindest response I've had in six months.

    I also forgot to answer your dorselflexion question in my response in the thread... My issue is predominantly in my right foot. I believe that its presence in my left real, but subtle.

    Thanks again and take care.
    Hey Helen... i responded to you in the tea thread, but it went to mod land. keep an eye out for it.
    Love you lady!!
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