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  • If you have not had a nerve conduction study yet, ask your GPS to give you a referral to a neurologist. I have been seeing a neurologist by name of Dr J. at the Dartmouth medical centre on Portland St., RBC bldg. Some of your symptoms red flag me, as that is how my earlier symptoms presented themselves
    Hi Heather, it is a terrible disease and I hope you will not be diagnosed with ALS. Any neurodegenerative disease is challenging including MS, Parkinsons, Huntington so etc. Thank you for writing and being supportive. I appreciate it very much.
    Hello Heather, I tried to post a few mins ago and do not see it. I am from Woodlawn, and see you are from Cole Harbour. I pray that you will not be diagnosed with this insidious disease,but if you do get diagnosed, I can help you with questions and get in touch with the local support mechanisims etc.
    Hello Heather, I see you are from Cole Harbour, I am from Woodlawn, so we are probably close by. Have you seen a neurologist yet? I was diagnosed in Nov 2015 with limb onset ALS. I am 53 years old.
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