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  • How old are you? and what weakness do you have? Can you open a bottle of water? Can you walk up stairs without assistance. My husband was unable to do these things. Also, another sign of ALS is having a protruding belly, like a beer belly. As ALS progresses the muscles in the abdomen weaken, causing an extended belly.
    I am baffled too, as I am NOT a doctor. I do however have a crystal ball, and tomorrow it will be your bones making a cracking sound when you move.
    Your comment: " I, however, get new symptoms each day that truly point toward ALS." Is so wrong. ALS just does NOT work that way. Have you went to the BFS site and posted there?
    I want to apoligize for being rough on you, but I am just giving you Tough Love. I do not want you to self destruct over this fear you have ALS.
    Yes, it matters. With ALS you lose strength in a certain area. You think you are clumsy and pay no never mind. The weakness progresses in that area. THEN you notice fasciculations in the weakened area that never stop - not ever - til the muscle is atrophied and all attempts at re-innervation have failed. They are only in that area that has been weakened. I implore you to get off this ALS kick. If you cannot, you need to buy a book written by a prominent researcher that explicitly describes the process of losing motor neurons and the result thereof. Look for a book authored by Hiroshi Mitsumoto.
    Your EMG was clean and your neuro evaluated you thoroughly. YOU DO NOT HAVE ALS or any other type of nerve or muscle problems. Your EMG and your clinical exam prove that as does your history. Good luck to you.
    You could have put this to rest a long time ago. The new EMG is proof of that. Congrats and have a peaceful, wonderful, long, healthy life.
    Denervation of your muscles is what causes weakness and atrophy. That process occurs well before you realize you are weak and realize you have atrophy. Therefore, the EMG would have detected it long before you or anyone else would have known anything was happening. Final impression: the EMG was clean and you don't have ALS. Good luck to you.
    It doesn't matter how the atrophy presented. Enough of this ALS nonsense! You don't have have it!
    If you had muscle atrophy and it was due to ALS, you would have profound weakness. Therefore, it's my opinion that you do not have muscle atrophy. I can assure you that your neuro looked at your muscles closely and knew which ones to needle. It was a clean EMG, so that means no ALS. End of story . . . that is . . . if you want it to end. If you want to continue obsessing about a disease you do not have, that's your choice.
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