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  • Hi! Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. My dad came over to our house Christmas Eve and it was very nice. I worked the switchboard at the hospital on Christmas day. My kids are out of school until Monday, Jan 7th. I like them being off school and not being stressed out about all their homework. My dad is starting to lose the strength in his arms and hands now which is very frustrating for him. This disease sure takes it toll. Thinking of you. Write anytime and tell me more about yourself. You posted on your own visitor page so I'm not sure if Sequoia will see your message. Kim
    Sorry about the inability to speak. ALS just takes and takes. Hope you had a great Christmas.
    We made it to Alaska to visit my sister, we are having a great time but Eric gets so tired and weak.
    My Christmas wish for you and your family is to live in Peace Harmony Laughter and Love and know how Beautiful You shine so bright with your Love and Light! I just want you know how much you mean to me ... we have never met in person, but you are known to me and stay in my heart. I feel we have been friends forever ....
    Thank you for your friendship hawroe! Welcome to this forum family!
    Hi Hawroe Do you get the Tacoma news tribune. In todays sunday edition there is a great article for you and your husband to read about a scientist who also has als. Its a good read, should cheer you both up.
    Hi! Welcome to the forum but so sorry for your reason for being here. I joined the forum in May after my father was diagnosed. My father just turned 78. It took about two years to find out what was actually going on with him. We always thought it was heart related since he has two stents. The people on this forum are wonderful and love to help others out if you have questions. Try to take it one day at a time. I know things look grim but they are making tremendous breakthroughs in reseach for ALS. We just have to pray that it comes soon. I have twins who just turned 15 (boy/girl) and a 8 year old boy. The 8 year old was pulling his hair out when he first found out about grandpa. He has now stopped and we try to stay positive and answer his questions as honestly as possible. Please know you and your husband are in my prayers. Kim
    Today my husband and best friend (ryanw) was diagnosed with ALS. We were not surprised by the diagnosis, we had suspected for a while but it's still a shock when the doctor confirms your worst fear. We have been together since high school and he has been my rock. We have a beautiful 11 year old little girl and we told her today that her daddy has ALS. What an emotionally devastating day.

    I know we are strong and will somehow manage but wow, this is so overwhelming right now. I am trying very hard to remember to take it one day at a time and to remember that not all of them will be as hard as today.
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