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  • i AM NOT A STALKER BUT I LOOK AT MOTHERS MEMBERS PAGES TO SEE HOW THERI ALS IS PROGREEINGAnd then I can compare to my husbans.I know cases are differnt ,but noone tells you much..Its a year ago today we got the news(after a year of testing)My how your world can change in an instant
    I noticed you had visited my page at some point. I looked at your family pictures. What a great looking family! How are things going for you? Take care. Yasmin.
    I think a roll in shower is the way to go. It's easy to get in and out. Some people tile their whole bathroom so that any splashing is not a problem.
    So far I can get in and shower and get out on my own. What the future holds, I'm not sure. I imagine I will transfer from a wheel chair to a rolling shower chair that reclines. I am very small and my husband is very big and can lift and carry me easily. You will have to get in the shower with him, I'm sure. A CALS might be of more assistance to you.
    Hi! Regarding my shower, I love my baths but this is so much safer. I can't get out of the tub without assistance anymore. I do really like my new shower! We considered one of those tubs that you sit in but as things progress I'd have to be lifted in and out, and maybe held up in it if i cant sit up by myself, sit and wait for it to fill and then sit and wait for it to empty. This has a ramp to roll a chair in. Just thinking of what could happen in the future.
    Saw a recent post from you, and was wondering how you are making out.
    It's pretty tough losing so many strong Canadians from our sight, so I thought I'd just reach out and let you know I'm thinking about you guys.
    Hi, Hope that you got the phone call about your husband's clinic appointment. The choking episodes can be so frightening for both of you and Dangerous for your hubby. I've read posts from grampAl and others that musinex works well. It's important for him to stay well hydrated to keep the secretions thin. Sounds like he's ready for a cough assist machine and a suction device. The swallowing issues will continue to get worse. Usually thin liquids are the first to go. Please PM me if I can help in anyway.
    Hi, I read your post about DH falling. How frightening for you! How are you getting him up? Must you call neighbors or EMT for assistance when he falls? Get a lift! Tell hubby it's for you, not him. Who will care for him if you are injured while trying to assist? I think Allen listed falling as the #1 killer for PALS. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with stubbornness on top of ALS.
    May God bless you. Deb
    I happened to be off work due to being restructured from the bank I was working for when all this happened to me, so not sure if you need to be off work yet or not.
    It does not hurt to apply as the worst that could happen is they work take money off the CPP each month from work earnings.
    I would call Service Canada for advice, as ALS is terminal, your husband would get approved right away.
    Try to keep the emotion out of it and treat it as a business transaction. We pay into it, we are entitled to it.
    The other thing is if you are connected to a ALS centre in NS they would have access to a social worker devoted to answer any questions you guys have.
    Good luck.
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