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  • Good Morning California Girl
    I like your photos except the one of your left calf, [i could not figure out what it was, hanging from the tree...
    have a great day
    Hugs from a new friend
    hi happy my name is jeffp i have bulbar als. diagnosed aug 09 i read you have symptoms have you had an emg test done yet that will tell you if you have als i went 3 years with a little twitch in my shoulder i thought was from working out but it moved to the other shoulder and prt of th chest .if you really think you have the symptoms dont wait see a nurologist and have an emg done before it gets to bad .even though they dont have a cure tha foods and toxins we bring into are bodies surely wont help it write me anytime jeffp
    Hi Happy,

    Here are details about the walk on the 18th from:

    Schedule: Registration: 8:30 am ~ Walk: 9:30 am

    Date: Saturday, October 18th, 2008

    Location: William R. Mason Regional Park
    Driving Directions

    Map Link: MAP

    For more Information call Denise A. Greek at (714) 285-1088 or email [email protected] directly.

    The walk site is wheelchair and stroller accessible. You don’t need to walk any or all of the route in order to participate.
    Hi, Happy ... thanks for being my friend! Have been reading your posts, and admiring your responses. I really love this forum ... don't know how I would have gotten through the dx of ALS without it!
    your leg looks normal. alot of people have that dent below knee when they are thin. mine looks like that but I have more thinning above the and around the knee. and my ankle.
    take care.~april
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