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  • Linda- Love your new avatar! This is you "friend" reincarnated in this bird!! Believe!!! Marianne
    Hi Linda,

    No, I don't have a suction machine. I hope there is someone who can give you some input, How are your spirits holding up?
    Hi Linda, It sounds like you had a great time, and I'm glad for you! I'm not so good today. It's the first time I have felt tired and weepy. I think I need to allow myself to have those days. Thanks for thinking of me!
    Hi Linda, Thanks so much for your kind and loving responses to my post. I sure hope you enjoy your visit with your family! Nothing like the joy of kids to brighten your day. Our viewing is on Wednesday, services on Thursday. It was busy for me, and that is good, I think. Blessings! Pam
    hello, thanks for your message, I have replied via your email address you left me, but I am not sure it was correct as you put www. in front of it...so I apologies if it did not get to you.
    mine is ournewemail AT googlemail dot com
    wrote it funny to make sure it gets to you replace the AT with the symbol and a period mark for the DOT Hope that makes sense jen
    Thanks Linda, I'm glad my post helped you. I'm sorry to learn of your diagnosis.... I can't take the time to write you a proper note right now, but will do so soon. take care (hugs)
    hand to continue the message, it was too long.
    This B.....y awful disease. When I was told I could not ever eat or drink again last week, I came home and put a pillow over my head. I DO keep kidding myself that I can fix myself, mind over matter, but as you know, this thing has a habit of kicking you in the face. So I TRY to sound upbeat, but it is all a facade, please feel free to pm me or visitor message or email me direct on ournewemail AT googlemail . com ( I have spread it out so it goes thru) We must all pull together and support each other, no one really understands what we are going thru apart from us all. Fondest wishes Jennie
    Hi Linda, thanks for your message...I hate to disappoint you, but I may come over as upbeat, but my husband would tell you otherwise. Not many days go by when I dont have lots of tears, mourning my life which is going to be lost, which I am not ready to give up. The sadness really is bad when my 3 year old grandson, who I was extremely close to, looks at me all confused and sometimes worried as he does not understand what is going on. Then we just had a new grandson 3 weeks ago and other due in 3 weeks, knowing that I wont see them grow up, breaks my heart. We have been married 38 years, and that also upsets me to think of him going on without me.
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