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  • Hi Gunny
    Hos are you ? My symptomes gest Worse , i Saw A top neuro and he Said that he had to admitt that somre neurological diseases cant be diagnosed until it is very advanced . Ny clinical showed clonus now In left leg , I have more and more Cramps . When i eat i sneeze and When i bend over it is dripping from my Right Nostril. I have to clear my throath everytime i eat and When i sing i get hoarse. I have Dystonia In hands , legs , neck
    Hi Gunny
    I hope You are Ok ? I Am sorry That i did NOT get The mail from you
    I Am struggling With my symptomes , The neuro told me That i have assymetric refexes now , i have Cramps and fascikulations , my left leg is thinner than ny rigtht ... and Many otter things. On EMG there is Cronic neurogen affection , i have dystoniae , but still no diagnose , and he want to se me In a Year.! It is very difficult to live normal , go to work ....
    Hi Gunny
    No , i cant find your email , When did You send it. ? i saw your post on The forum today , and again we are in very similar situation , i saw my neuro 8/3 and i am also in " limbo" so i understand You and Would like to write to You private. Maybe You could try to send The mail again ?
    Hi Gunny
    Have You send an email to me ? I hope You are ok ? I finally Got an appointment with my neuro in february.
    Dear Gunny
    I am happy You Found my email ! Du kan skrive på norsk hvis du ønsker , jeg tror jeg kan læse det
    Hi Gunny
    How are You ?
    I had an EMG 2weeks ago , only in left vastus medialis ( which has some athrophy ) Right lower leg , left and Right deltoids . I have Got a letter from my neuro , saying that The investigated muscles did not show MND , but there is one muscle which is not normal . I have to wait for an appointment to getThe full answer. I am very worried and frustrated that i cant get The results by The neuro because i have a lot of symptomes . my email : [email protected]
    I hope You Will write
    Hi Gunni i dont know how You Can get my email adress maybe i Can ask one of The Administrators if i Can have yours ? I
    Hi Gunny
    I dont know if i am alloved to contact You , but i write to You because i am in a very similar situation
    I have very worrisome symptomes , dystonia , athrophy in shoulders and one thigh , fascikulations , cramps , Some symptomes from neck and mouth also.It started 3 years ago and i had one normal EMG in 2014 . ( only left leg and arm ) i have seen neuros but they wont do a new EMG because of the risk of inconclucive answers i also have to wait 6 months even if my symptomes gets Worse . I live in Denmark . If You want , maybe You Can have my email from administrator ? Here in dk i dont Think there is a forum where You Can talk to others about this .
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