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  • Hello all. I am so grateful to find this forum. My husband was officially diagnosed this May but his symptoms began last fall and the docs were fairly certain that this would be the diagnosis early on. He has bulbar onset and his voice and speech have already been affected quite a bit. He is a young 62 and is taking this like a champ, for the most part. He is still working though his job requires a lot of speaking. His boss is supportive and is encouraging him to take time off when needed or to work from home when he can, but he is generally so exhausted mentally and his stamina is definitely less. He and the kids went skydiving last weekend. He keeps a blog which is good for him, though to me it is hard to read sometimes. I am scared, so afraid of what is ahead and am so quick to tears. I appreciate your support to us as we go through this. God bless you all!

    This is the link to his blog: http://kevinliveswithals.blogspot.com/
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